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A Rainbow Wedding

Island Blessings offers A Rainbow Wedding
for Same Sex Marriages

It has been a long process -- Witnessing the growth, challenges, setbacks and final victory for Marriage equality in Hawaii. Now that this new law is in place, we are thrilled to offer our experience and expertise in creating legal weddings for our Gay and Lesbian world-wide community!

Through the years, we have assisted many same sex couples with beautiful commitment ceremonies. Below are a few pictures from Dennis and Ken's special wedding in 1996.

In 2012, we were able to sign their civil union certificate with a very private ceremony. We are now looking forward to a new celebration of marriage with them. Congratulations Ken and Dennis on 18 years of love and commitment!

"It is with great pleasure that I share a few kind words about Fern & Michael.

When we got married in 1996 our state was far from accepting Gay Marriage. Nevertheless Ken and I were ready (after all we met in 1983). We had lived on Kauai for two years at the time and we knew what we wanted in a community celebration of our love. Fern proved to be worth her weight in gold as she guided us through all the necessary arrangements. Her expertise was invaluable in choosing a location, making arrangements for tables, chairs, and linens. From the start Fern listened to us and supported our desires. She helped us to make the experience affordable and fantastic. (We did a partial pot-luck supplemented with purchased food.) Fern handled all the logistics of the day and arranged for servers and assistants and even went out and got more wine as we were close to running out. I recall how in-tune Fern was during the festivities and we communicated in a comfortable seamless way. Whenever assistance was needed in moving from one activity to another, Fern was there. It was as if she could anticipate our needs and respond before I could even verbalize what was needed. We had 30 guests join us from the mainland and over 100 people attended our wedding and reception.

Fern's willingness to meet our needs in the ways that we wanted was simply impeccable. A dozen or so years later when it was time to do our civil union, again Fern was there, listening to our needs and desires and coming through for us in exemplary fashion. My testimony of her service, and the Grace with which she carries out her duties is superlative.

Enjoy your very special day! Eighteen years later our "honeymoon" still has not ended; may you be equally Blessed!


We trust you will enjoy exploring our new Rainbow Weddings section. We have chosen locations and vendors specifically with your wedding in mind to offer you the most beautiful, private and exotic wedding that Kauai has to offer. Our packages are outlines for what we can create for you. We are open to expanding and modifying for your needs.

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